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Evening 10 series – 2018 rules

  • All rider limits are absolute and will not be exceeded under any circumstances. They are published in advance on the club website and are 30 riders for the May events (7th, 14th, 21st & 28th in 2018) and 60 riders thereafter (70 for the Eastbourne Rovers Inter-Club). They are included on the Police Notification paperwork and, as such, form part of the Risk Assessment for each event. Failure to enforce them could raise questions about the validity of the RA which, in the event of an accident, would make life very difficult for the organiser
  • Numbers will be allocated on a first come-first served basis, in a strictly numerical order (ie the 10th rider to sign on takes no. 10, not no. 30 or whatever else they fancy)
  • No slots will be reserved for late arrivals
  • No early slots will be reserved for those who choose to ride to the HQ
  • As the promoting club, our riders should have the best chance of riding when numbers are likely to be tight, so for the restricted field (30 rider) events in May, only LWCC first and second claim members will be allowed to sign on before 1830hrs. After this point, any remaining slots will be made available to members of other clubs & “Come & Try” riders. This has been circulated to members of the Rovers via Ann Human, and a note to that effect will also be included alongside affected events in the London South yellow book of 2018 TTs
  • For all events from May onward and all the Circuit TTs, slots will be allocated on a first come-first served basis to riders from all clubs & “Come & Try” riders
  • Jon Collett will the new point of contact for the Evening Tens in 2018. He is only coordinating things though, and will still need a full complement of promoters, marshals and tea makers. The marshalling spreadsheet will continue to be available through the new club website and I’d encourage you all to get your names down as soon as possible!
  • Tom Glandfield will be coordinating the four circuit TTs and the Hill Climb. Simon and Dom will be promoting the Open 30 and Gents’ GP respectively and we will also need your help with these events
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