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  • A typical club run may consist of 1½ to 2 hours riding to a designated tea stop. After refreshments often the ride back is a bit shorter, but this does depend on the destination, some club runs are longer than others.
  • Club run numbers can vary depending on races, weather, etc. If you’re not used to riding in a group please speak to the person leading the club run that day. It soon becomes second nature by following these common sense guidelines.
  • Usually ride in pairs, two abreast. This makes it easy to “single out” when required.
  • Ride close to the rider in front of you, less than 1 metre. This gives you a slight “draft” from them, making it easier for you and also causing less of an obstruction to other road users.
  • Maintain a steady, confident line and do not “half-wheel” (overlap wheels) with the rider in front.
  • As your forward view is limited, it’s essential that obstacles and potholes are pointed out and quietly communicated down the line. The front riders will point out appropriate hazards, such as holes, parked cars, joggers, horses, sharp bends, gravel, etc.
  • Slow down for horses and give them plenty of room. If approaching from behind call out in good time to warn them. It safer for them AND us.
  • We often ride on roads that are narrow, or will need to “single out” to allow cars to pass where safe and appropriate. The riders at the back of the group are responsible for cars overtaking from behind by calling “CAR UP”. Conversely, those at the front are responsible for cars approaching from the front by calling “CAR DOWN”. Ensure everyone knows what’s happening.
  • To “single out” – usually the rider on the left moves forward and the rider on the right drops in behind.
  • If you need to stop, call out “stopping” or “slowing” so the riders behind do not crash into you.
  • If you puncture or suffer another mechanical failure call out accordingly, the group will wait and assist.
  • At junctions and roundabouts give clear warnings and indications of other traffic, so the group can move smoothly. Such calls are “Clear”, “Clear left/right”, “Car left/right” etc. as appropriate.
  • Do not overtake on the left without warning the rider first. “On your left”
  • Everyone climbs hills at different rates, please wait and regroup at the top so no one is dropped.
  • Please wear club kit.


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