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Three of our present-day trophies belonged to the original Lewes Wanderers and were reclaimed by Des Terrill from a John Dunning, at Newhaven. They were the Pearce Cup, Crisp Cup, and Cinema De Luxe Cup.

Whittington visited Strudwick's bike shop in Brighton in September, 1950 and persuaded the owner to donate a trophy, The Strudwick Cup.

Des Terrill's father handed over two of his boxing trophies which he'd won in 1926. The Terrill Cup, Terrill Cup, Lewes-Newhaven event (now the Circuit of Laughton). Des Terrill himself was working at the home of a Mrs. Kent in Seaford when he came across a big green and dirty cup, lying in a cupboard. It had belonged to Mrs. Kent's late husband, who had been an MP and yachting enthusiast. Mrs. Kent had the cup cleaned and engraved as the Kent Cup.

Further information

How to win the trophies
How to win the Reg Porter

The Zonca Bradshaw Trophy and Merit Cup are awarded at the discretion of the committee.

Best All Rounder

Dan Leaney Trophy - Short distance BAR
Secretary's Cup - Ladies BAR
Junior BAR Cup
Kent Cup - Senior BAR
Veterans BAR Tankard

Points Competition Trophies

Points Competition

Mick Burgess Memorial Trophy - Points Competition
Rabbetts Family Trophy - Middlemarkers
Sylvia Burgess Shield - Classic League
Armstrong Dowling Trophy - Junior Classic League

Single Distance Trophies

Single Distance

Pearce Cup - 25 miles
La Valletta Cup - 30 miles
Strudwick Cup - 50 miles
Chas D Crisp Cup - 100 miles
Cinema De Luxe Cup - 12 hr

Other 1
Evening Ten Trophy
The Richard Meed Hill Climb Cup
The Terrill Cup - Circuit of Laughton
The Circuit of Chailey Cup
Zonka Bradshaw Trophy, Effort & Perseverance.  Merit Cup, Tireless work for  LWCC
Zonca Bradshaw Trophy - Effort & Perseverance
Merit Cup - Tireless work for LWCC
Other 2
Mr Terrill Cup - 25 mile Handicap
Reg Eldridge Handicap Trophy - Evening Ten Handicap
The Claret Jug - Fastest 25 miles
J R Dawe Trophy,  Track Champion.       The Reg Porter Trophy
J R Dawe Trophy - Track Champion
Reg Porter Trophy
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