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Awards Dinner 2017 Round Up

The 2017 Lewes Wanderers Awards Dinner was held on the 25th November at the Roebuck in Laughton, East Sussex. With a record number of attendees (69), Bob Evans guided everyone through an evening of food and entertainment with award presentations dotted throughout. Ending with a touching speech by our President Richard Meed to thank Chris Martin for all his hard work as he left the role of Chairman, the evening ended on a high with people grabbing their lifts home shortly before midnight. Many thanks to Emma Gearing, our Social Secretary, for organising a fabulous event.

Results and photos are below. Enjoy!


(click for photo)
Tom Glandfield1st Senior BAR/1st Short Distance BAR/1st Classic League/1st Fastest 25/1st Circuit of Laughton/1st vet Circuit of Laughton/1st 25 mile championship/1st 50 mile championship/1st 100 mile championship/1st handicap 100 mile championship/1st 12 hour championship/1st evening 10 series
Lisa Davis2nd Middlemarkers/2nd handicap Circuit of Earwig/2nd 30 mile championship/1st female BAR/1st classic league ladies/1st point competition ladies/1st chairmans Circuit league ladies/1st female Circuit of Danehill/1st handicap circuit of Chailey/1st female 30 mile championship
Peter Baker3rd vet evening 10 series/2nd vet 25 mile championship/2nd vet 30 mile championship/1st Tandem 10/1st Vets BAR/1st Points Competition/1st vet Circuit of Danehill/1st vet circuit of Chailey/1st vet 50 mile championship/1st vet 100 mile championship/1st vet hill climb/recognition of annual mileage achievement and the winner of the Audax UK Jan and Mick Lattimer Trophy
Brett Davis2nd Circuit of Danehill/2nd joint Circuit of Earwig/2nd 30 mile championship/2nd evening 10 series/3rd handicap evening 10 series/1st Circuit of Chailey
Nick Dwyer3rd Classic League/2nd Circuit of Earwig (joint)/1st Vet Circuit of Earwig/1st 30 Mile Championship/1st Vet 30 Mile Championship
Peter Barling2nd points competition/2nd handicap 25 mile Championship/1st middlemarkers/1st handicap circuit of Danehill/1st handicap 50 mile handicap
Rich Street1st handicap evening 10 series/1st handicap Circuit of Laughton
Rob Pelham1st Reg Porter
Peter Fox1st evening 10 series fixed wheel competition
John Mankelow3rd points comp/3rd vet Circuit of Danehill/2nd vet Circuit of laughton/2nd vet Circuit of Earwig/2nd vet Circuit of Chailey/2nd vet 50 mile championship/1st vet 25 mile championship/1st vet evening 10 series
Martin Baddeley2nd Reg Porter/1st evening 10 series athletes 10
Dan Street2nd hill climb championship/2nd vet hill climb championship/1st handicap Circuit of Earwig
Simon Yates1st Tandem 10 mile
Jos Lowden3rd Chairmans Circuit ladies/1st female Circuit of Chailey
Rob Rollings2nd Classic League/2nd Circuit of Chailey/2nd 25 mile Championship/2nd 50 mile Championship
Aidan McConville3rd Circuit of Danehill/3rd evening 10 series
Dom Lowden2nd vet Circuit of Danehill
Jon Collett2nd Circuit of Chailey handicap
Chris Martin3rd middlemarkers/recognition of Chairmanship
Micky TurnerZonca Award
Tom GlandfieldMerit Cup
Lisa Davis, Micky Turner, John Miller, Paul Gibbons, Charlie MiddletonLondon Edinburgh London (LEL)

Awards (not present)

Callum Middleton1st Circuit of Danehill/1st Circuit of Earwig
Clare Parkholm1st handicap 25 mile championship/1st female 25 mile championship/1st handicap 30 mile handicap
Cameron Cragg2nd handicap evening 10 series/1st Hill climb championship/1st handicap hill climb championship
Matt Coombs2nd handicap 50 mile championship
Barry Mitchell2nd handicap hill climb championship
Gav Richards3rd Circuit of Laughton
Nick Smith2nd handicap Circuit of Danehill
Nick Smart Jones3rd handicap Circuit of Danehill
Kate Mankelow2nd Chairmans Circuit ladies
Martin Bussey3rd handicap Circuit of Laughton
Vince Busk3rd handicap Circuit of Earwig/3rd vet Circuit of Earwig/2nd vet evening 10 series
Stephen Burgess3rd Reg Porter
Darren Brockhurst2nd Circuit of Laughton/2nd handicap Circuit of Laughton/3rd vet Circuit of Laughton

Course Records

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Course Record
Tom Glandfield, Nick Dwyer, Peter BarlingMen’s 15 mile team record
Lisa DavisWomen’s 25 mile, Women’s 25 mile on a club championship course, Women’s 50 mile, Women’s 100 mile, Women’s record LWCC Circuit of Danehill, Women’s record LWCC Circuit of Earwig
Nick DwyerMen’s 15 mile, Veteran’s 15 mile Best on Standard, Men’s 15 mile team record
Joscelin LowdenWomen’s record LWCC Circuit of Chailey
Tom GlandfieldMen’s 15 mile

Photos from the evening

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