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Circuit of Laughton 6th Aug

Circuit of Laughton – 6th Aug 7pm



The first of the club’s circuit TT’s will be held on Thursday 6th August starting at 7pm.  Again, entries need to be made beforehand and there will be no sign-on-the-line.   To enter please make payment of £5 (£6 non-members) using PayPal to and in the payment message box enter rider name followed by “Laughton”. Payment entries close on Wednesday (5th) at 7pm.  The start list will be published on Thursday morning.  In the event of a large number of entries, priority will be given to LWCC members.

The course will be a slight variation from the usual Circuit of Laughton TT.  The lower part of Shortgate Lane is closed so we will be using Common Lane.  The start is on the usual place at the junction of Common Lane and Shortgate Lane.  HQ and number pickup will be located at the start. The course proceeds north to the B2192 and then down the Broyle to Kennel Corner (Ringmer). Take a left at the mini roundabout and follow the B2124 for approx. 1.5 miles to the left turn up Common Lane.  Proceed up Common Lane to pass the start (caution beware of starting riders) and repeat the circuit. Except second time round, do not turn up Common Lane but continue on B2124 to finish just before Laughton.  Total distance 11.886 miles.



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