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Annual General Meeting 2020

Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held at the Laughton Village Hall on Tuesday 14th January 2020 beginning at 7.45 p.m.




  1. To accept apologies for absence
  2. To confirm the minutes of the previous AGM – on the Club website
  3. To hear officers’ reports: (a) Secretary (b) Treasurer (c) Runs Leader (d) Time Trial Secretary (e) Track/Road Race Secretary (f) Press Secretary (g) Off Road Secretary (h) Social Secretary (i) Membership Secretary
  4. To elect officers:

(a) Chairman (b) Secretary (c) Treasurer (d) Runs Leader (e) Time Trial Secretary (f) Track/Road Racing Secretary (g) Press Secretary (h) Social and Media Secretary (i) Off Road Secretary (j) Membership Secretary (k) Women’s Representative.

  1. To agree on future evening 10-mile TT course:

During the 2019 evening 10 series, the presence of traffic lights on the A22 course meant that an alternative course was used (Ringmer course).  Permission to use both courses has been submitted for 2020 and the future preferred course will be discussed and voted on for future 10-mile series

  1. To discuss changes to the Crits road race series:

Discuss proposals to amend the Crits RR Series by including a new course and combining overall series results with other Sussex races.

  1. To fix the annual subscription

No change in the annual subscription is proposed

  1. To appoint an auditor
  2. To consider any other business


Here’s a reminder of who does what in the club at the moment:

  • President: Peter Baker (term of office expiring in 2024)
  • Chairman: Dominic Lowden
  • Secretary: Emma Gearing (Emma has indicated that she will be standing down)
  • Treasurer: Graham Jeffs (Graham has indicated he would like a handover with a new treasurer)
  • Runs Leader: Ian McGuckin (Ian has indicated he will be standing down, and the position will become Club Runs Coordinator)
  • Time Trial Secretary: Adrian McConville
  • Track and Road Racing Secretary: Dan Street
  • Press Secretary: Paget Cohen
  • Social and Media Secretary: Vacant
  • Off Road Secretary: Paul Gibbons (Paul has indicated that he will be standing down)
  • Membership Secretary: Brett Davis (Brett is standing down and Anne Baker has indicated she will stand)
  • Women’s Rep: Vacant (Gina Boakes has indicated she is willing to stand)


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